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I recieved a telephone call from a client asking if it was at all possible to make gluten and dairy free cupcakes.

She said that she couldn’t believe how hard it was to source gluten free and dairy free cakes for celebrations, not only that taste good, but also look good; so that the person receiving them actually feels like they are not being deprived just because they have a food intolerance.

As it was something I wasn't familar with, I made it my mission to make the perfect tasting gluten and dairy free cupcakes. 

Firstly, I didn't want to compromise on the flour, even if it had to be gluten free. So I choose Doves Farm Free white self-raising. It is free from gluten, milk, peanuts, egg, soya and milk (all basis covered right?!?) Perfect!! 

I thought the only other thing I need to change in my recipe is the fat which contains buttermilk. No good for non-dairy cupcakes, so I did some research on the Internet and found out that the same brand of margarine ( Stork) which I use for my recipe comes in a block form and is dairy free. Excellent!

Now that I had covered the actually cupcake recipe I now had to think of ways to make a buttercream that would actually hold its shape when piped and would be fluffy and white in colour like real buttercream. So again, off I go to the internet and found out if you mix half dairy free spread and block Stork margarine then you will get a firmer buttercream. Winner!

I got my apron on and made a batch of Gluten free and dairy free cupcakes and was I not disappointed, it's funny how our taste buds are so used to different flavours, textures and how things should taste. The cupcakes rose like they should, were fluffy and light. The buttercream was firm and tasted really nice just slighlty different in colour from butter but I don't think that effected the final look.

Well see for yourself!

So if your looking for someone to make the perfect cake, even if you have a food intolerance I can safely say I have tried and tested a gluten free and dairy free cupcake and there where delicious!

So bring on the challenges - me and the internet are ready! 

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