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So I am a wedding cake designer, which means I create bespoke wedding cakes for my clients. They will attend a consult and bring me pictures of cakes that they are inspired by. Some may be of cakes that are in my portfolio but also cakes from Pinterest.

Sometimes we get stuck in a world of just creating these beautiful masterpieces and not always having the time to create some unique pieces to add to our portfolio, where we get to have our own artistic licence to do what we want to do and what we feel our clients will like.

Wedding cake designer are like artists with cake, so it's very important to take time out from the busy wedding season and enjoy making new designs.

I love to see what the latest wedding trends are going to be and even if the naked cake trend is still going to be with us for a while, we can kiss it good bye and welcome black wedding cakes with open arms. It may come to you as a shock but the white traditional cake has taken the back burner and the black cake is the new kid on the block!

In the past, there has been something taboo about a black cake… until now.

So with all this in mind I would like to show you my version of the " Black Wedding Cake"

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