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Looking to order a celebration cake but not sure what size you should get.

The question you need to ask yourselves

- Who is the cake feeding?

If it's for a children's party then remember kids don't need a lot of cake to fit in that party bag!

But then you might want some cake left over to take home.

If the cake is to feed a lot of people for example a wedding, christening or big celebration your guests won't need a tonne of cake to go with that buffet you might be having.

In the above situations the cake is cut differently than you would if you wanted a wedge of cake like you would have in a coffee shop.

I have a lot of clients that think when they are feeding their guests or children cake that it will be cut the same way as if you was going to get a piece of cake at a shop and this isn't the case.

If you are taking your cake to a venue a lot of the time the caterers will cut the cake for you, and understand the process of cutting a cake for an event.

The cake will be cut into approx. 1 x 1 x 4 inch which is the traditional size for most cake portions. But if your cake is a barrel cake ( tall cake ) remember the portions can then be halved again which gives you double the amount of cake.

If you are not at a venue and want to know how to cut your cake follow the simple steps below.

Cut your cake in half, then an inch away from where you have cut, cut again and you will then have a slab of cake put this on your counter and begin cutting your cake into finger lengths one inch apart. That's how you achieve a finger portions. If you have a barrel cake now you can cut that finger in half.

If you wanted a bigger size piece of cake this is then called a dessert portions which is double the size of a finger slice, the same applies as above cut the cake one inch in but two inches the other way, you will then get a 1 inch thick cake but 2 inches wide.

If you are still struggling I have attached a short YouTube video for you to look at.

On the other hand if you are only feeding a few of you and love cake and want a wedge of cake just cut the cake!

I also highly recommend a descent knife to cut your cake, so if you are taking the cake to a party and haven't got access to a knife don't forget to take one, a butter knife won't quite cut it!!

Hope this blog helps with your cake celebration order.

Up Next how to transport and how to store your cake......

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