Your vision, your wedding cake!

Your planning your wedding day, and are looking for a wedding cake designer that can see the vision you have for your wedding cake.

Some couples like the more traditional wedding cake and other like to think outside of the box and create something very unique.

If your more of a traditionalist when it come to your wedding then finding a wedding cake designer is so much easier because to be honest they all look relatively all the same!

But on the other hand if your looking for more of a " cake artist ", a cake designer that can interperate your artistic vision into cake then Victoria's Signature Wedding Cakes based in Gloucestershire is the right cake maker for you.

The benefits of my skills as a wedding cake designer is that I have a very versatile wedding cake portfolio that can meet different couples styles for their wedding day.

And this was no exception to Clare and Peter who where getting married at The Great Tythe Barn, when they initially got in contact with me to discuss their wedding cake vision.

Clare being a performance artist, wanted to incorporate the unique design of her engagement ring that was especially made and wanted it to be added to their wedding cake.

Clare and Peter wanted the serpentine lines to be designed on the bottom tier of the cake, they forwarded me a template of the design so I could trace and pipe it in gold onto their cake.

With this unique design in place it was onto the rest of the cake, Clare loves everything green even her beautiful wedding dress was an emerald/peacock green with an underlay of fuchsia pink, just stunning!

We tried to match up the colour green together so it blended in with the other elements of the cake ( telling you now kneading nearly 3 kg of white fondant until it turned to the right colour wasn't easy! ) They loved the deckled look which was added to the top tier with a hint of gold around the rim, cascading gold leaf and some fresh florals to make the cake POP!

I was really pleased with the overall look of the finish cake design not everyone's cup of tea but to them it meant so much more than just a cake, it was a work of art!

" We adored our cake, and the guests did too, it was fun working with you, thank you!"

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