Serving Suggestions

Please refer to the Table below for my serving portion guide and how to get the most out of your cake when serving it.

Servings can be based on a finger portion ( approximately  1 x 1x 4 inches) or a desert portion ( approximately  1 x 2 x 4 inches)

Size of cake               Serves ( finger portions/ desert portions)

In inches  


4                             10/5

6                             20/10

8                             40/20

9                             50/25

10                           60/35

12                           90/50

4/6/8                      70/35

5/7/9                      95/47

6/8/10                    120/60

4/6/8/10                130/70

6/8/10/12              210/110


Now how do I cut my cake 

You have a round cake in front of you, first things first get yourself a palette knife or a big knife. Take all the elements on the cake off (flowers, toppers ect)



1- Cut the cake in half, you end up with two semi circles.

2- Cut the semi circle length ways starting from the longer edge (1 inch wide) , you then get a slab of cake.

3- Put the slab of cake on your worktop/ table  and cut into fingers your require. ( note the smaller the finger the more cake you will have to feed your guests). 

If you have a tiered cake, use a palette knife and ease it slowly between the two tiers ( there is a board between the two cakes which you will be able to feel when the knife goes in), lift the cake off from the bottom tier. With tiered cakes you will find dowels in the cake, this is to help support the cake. These need to be removed before cutting the cake.

Fondant cakes do not need to be refrigerated, fondant attracts moisture, fondant cakes don't like the fridge!

Buttercream and ganache cakes are also fine out of the fridge, they only need to be refrigerated if on a HOT day. Bring the cake back to room temperature before serving.


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